Aptoide Apk for Facebook 2019

As we all know about this app called Facebook. Facebook is so much popular in the whole world. Maximum people have knowledge about this app, still, we will provide information for those people who have little knowledge about this app.

Aptoide Apk for Facebook

Aptoide Apk for facebook

It is very simple to understand the working and concept of Facebook. Facebook is a famous and free social networking website which allows its users to connect globally. Let us explain Facebook it detail, firstly to use facebook you have created an account on it. It is very simple. After creating account you are ready to connect with anyone you want who also are using facebook. You just need to send a friend request to a person whom you want to talk or we can say some new friends whom you want to know. When you send a request to anyone it’s up to him or her(receiver) to accept it or not. Request is like a type of invitation. If that person does not accept your request so you can’t do anything about this.  Facebook is becoming popular day by day. Facebook provides many features to his users like it cares about users privacy and keeps its accounts safe. Facebook has 2.3+ billions of registered users and this is just a figure it is increasing rapidly day by day.

Facebook allows its registered users to create a profile and to upload photos and videos, and also to send messages with your connected friends. It is the best app to get connected with your family, friends and loved ones. Facebook is totally free app to use. Facebook is available in many languages you don’t believe but it is available in 17+ different languages. Facebook was initially released in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. When all this three were the students of Harvard University. That time the purpose is only to interact with each other, friends etc but as time passed it become so popular and completed 1 million in 1 year and become open for all.

Features of Facebook

  1. The user uses profile pictures for their identity.
  2. For interacting with other people there is a feature call contact information and about you.
  3. Facebook Wall is a type of feature where your friends post comments publicly.
  4. Status update Here you tell about yourselves to your friends and share your daily life moments.
  5. Newsfeed Here information of every field updated regularly, and also about the members of groups and friends information related to them and changes which they made in their profile. All this thing you get in this feature too.
  6. It is a type of platform where user can upload and share photos and videos with other friends.
  7. You can do like and dislike on any one’s post, means Facebook gives you a feature where if you see some very nice thing, photo, video or anything which attracts you so simple go to that post and hits the like button and same on dislike if you don’t like something simple dislike that post.
  8. While using facebook if you find any picture or information relevant then you also tag your friends and loved ones.
  9. You will get a notification for everything which is going on if someone is liking your post tagged you or commented on you.
  10. Facebook is one of the best platforms for promoting anything even for business purposes too.
  11. Facebook has a very amazing app to explore your selves socially.
  12. For spreading awareness about any topic it is a great platform.
  13. Facebook is completely free.
  14. Presence of technology is amazing, it shows you how many of your contacts are online you can chat with them.
  15. Facebook also supports live video stream feature which is also called Facebook live.

Download Aptoide Apk for Facebook

Aptoide is a type of free app store and good market alternatives of Google play store. If you want to download any app thinking of the alternatives so Aptoide Apk is the best option for you. We must suggest you all download Facebook from Aptoide app store because it is very good and free to use, offers many features too.


Here we have provided you maximum information about the facebook app. Hope it will be useful for all of you. Facebook is completely free to use. You can explore yourselves socially. It is the best social networking and messaging application. It offers many features like sharing videos, audios, photos, etc. We must suggest you all use this app called Facebook and enjoy life have fun.

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