Aptoide Apk for GB WhatsApp Apk 2019

In today’s world technology is increasing day by day. In every field, there is a rapid growth in terms of technology. People are now more aware of things in terms of social media like FB, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. This awareness is very good of us if we talk about the ancient times where no one had the knowledge and no one was aware like today. But now a day in the world of internet people are so much familiar with the current and latest technology. People know how to use them and have proper knowledge too.

Aptoide Apk for GB WhatsApp Apk

Aptoide Apk for GB WhatsApp

This leads to a successful nation where all the people are so educated have knowledge. As we all know social media platform is very large people are using FB and WhatsApp very much we are surrounded by them in our day to day life. The idea to extend the technology, get familiar with the very latest features and functions many apps are still hidden from people in that list come to the GB WhatsApp which gives the user full freedom and offers many new and latest features to use and with an attractive interface too.

GB WhatsApp is nothing but the advanced or we can say the modified version of the WhatsApp we use. As we talk above this app gives users much freedom and helps to manage lots of things too. Modifications are of many types like changing the last seen date and time hiding the blue ticks and attractive interface and many more like this. The whole modifications you will come to know when you try it then only you feel the better experience. GB WhatsApp offers many new features which may be very useful for the daily users and they defiantly find it attractive.

Features of GB WhatsApp Apk

Where on the other hand in WhatsApp you are restricted to send a particular amount of pictures but in GB WhatsApp at one time you can easily send 90 pictures. This feature very facilitates and save much time of the user. You can also disable calls for a specific person.

  1. GB WhatsApp provides very new and different functions than the original Whatsapp.
  2. GB WhatsApp has more options in case of emojis and stickers.
  3. GB Whatsapp has a very different and attractive theme which you only get on the GB WhatsApp.
  4. GB WhatsApp has many unique features like hiding online status, Blue Ticks, Double Tick, Status Seen, Writing Status, Recording, Blue Microphone, etc.
  5. In GB WhatsApp user can easily change its chat font which seems so amazing.
  6. GB WhatsApp has clean the log files too.
  7. GB WhatsApp has a feature which is very demanding nowadays is you can secure your particular chat with a password.
  8. You can directly send any zip files and apps.
  9. You can upload large size files on the status without losing the quality.
  10. You can copy texts from the chats and can attach it to the pictures also.
  11. GB Whatsapp has a feature to send large video than the original WhatsApp.
  12. You can broadcast messages to the groups also.
  13. You can hide chat like the hike messenger by keeping a password or pattern.
  14. It has a very good and also a useful feature called DND. It means when you to use the internet but doesn’t want to show your double ticks of WhatsApp to others so you can use this feature.
  15. It offers you a custom chat feature too it means you can filter unnecessary people from your WhatsApp.
  16. GB WhatsApp has an amazing feature called message scheduler it is for those people who want to send wishes to their friends and family at the exact time.

Download Aptoide Apk for GB WhatsApp Apk

As we all know Aptoide is one of the best alternatives of the Google play store. Aptoide is also a app store where you can find many apps and games for totally free of cost means you can also download the paid apps and games for free too.

We suggest you all to just download GB WhatsApp only from the Aptoide Apk store because it is completely free and offers great features too.


Here we discussed the advanced versions of Whatsapp called the GB WhatsApp. GB Whatsapp has many innovative and different features which you only find in this app. Hope all the information will be useful for you. GB WhatsApp is a modified form of the original Whatsapp and GB WhatsApp also gives a lot of freedom to its users than the original Whatsapp. We suggest you if you are bored from the original one then try something new try GB WhatsApp. It is amazing.

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