Aptoide Apk for Google Duo 2019

Google Duo is a video chat mobile application, this application is available for both Android and iOS devices. Google Duo was released on August 16, 2016. From Google Duo users can make high-quality video calls, and it runs into smartphones, computers, tablets, etc. Google Duo was developed by Google INC.  Users can use Google Duo to video call their friends, family and anyone else who uses this app.

Aptoide Apk for Google Duo

Aptoide Apk for Google Duo

Google Duo is based on phone numbers which allow users to make a video call , someone from there contact lists. The feature of the end -to -end encryption is also enabled by default. Google Duo automatically switches between Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Google Duo makes video calls in 720p HD video. This application is optimized for low- bandwidth mobile networks. To make a high-quality video call with your loved ones it just only takes one-tap process. Google Duo application runs into iOS, Android, tablet, computers, etc. Google Duo has a knock-knock feature into this users will get the live preview of that person who is calling you.

Users are also able to share video messages if they want to share their moments, users can send 30 seconds video message. To use Google Duo firstly you have to download this application into your device, if users already have this application into their device then they have to connect with their Google account, If users don’t have Google account or they don’t want to connect with account then they can use their phone numbers to make account on Google Duo. After users can get connected to their account they can use this application across different devices. Users can also make a group video call up to 8 peoples. People who have your phone numbers or your Google account information will get to know that you’re using Google Duo and they can make your video calls through this application. You can also remove your google account from this application. Google Duo is a free licensing app.

Features of Google Duo

It is listed in the social category of the app store. Google Duo is available in more than 44 languages. Google Duo has got 3,916,006 downloads. This app is very easy to use. Google Duo is not a desktop application. Users can make video calls to anyone from their contact list , who uses Google Duo. Google Duo has a very simple interface to use. Google Duo also shares some similarities with other Google’s video calling apps like hangouts, but Google Duo does something differently. Google Duo is specialized and designed for mobile devices, but hangouts are available for both mobile and desktop.

  • By the help of Google Duo users can make high definition and free video calls to their loved ones.
  • Users can send quick video messages of 30 seconds, without calling that person.
  • Google Duo has a feature of end-to-end encryption. This eliminates the chances of your conversion being accessible to anyone.
  • The main feature of Google duo is knock-knock feature, where users can get a preview of the person on the other side of the line calling to them.
  • Users are also able to block any contact.
  • Users can also limit their mobile data usage.
  • Into Google Duo, users can make group video calls up to 8 people.

Download Aptoide Apk for Google Duo

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Google Duo is a free video chat application. Into which users can make video calls to their contacts who are using this app. Google Duo makes video calls into high definition. Google Duo was developed by Google INC. and this application was launched on August 16, 2016. Google Duo has a main feature of knock-knock into which users get preview of video of that person who is calling to them. Users can also make a group video call up to 8 peoples. Google Duo is very easy to use. Users are able to send video messages of 30 seconds to their contacts. You can use your mobile number or your Google account to make an account on Google Duo. Google Duo is a very popular video calling mobile application.

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