Aptoide Apk for JioSaavn Apk 2019

As we all know Jio Saavn has a very big market place and a super existence to each and every person who is using smartphones now a day. Since JIO has come to the market it has given very tough competition to other mobile phone network companies. JIO has made possible to provide decent mobile data for all. Since at very earlier when JIO has just recently introduced in the market it was free for all the sim card is free and the daily data given to you is also free till some data limits.

Aptoide Apk for JioSaavn Apk

Aptoide Apk for JioSaavn Apk

That’s why it has become so much popular among all the customers. Apart from this JIO offers many extra features to its customers like this the JIO Saavn music app. When you install the My Jio application so along with this you will many extra applications too like this JIO Saavn music app. Earlier in the starting it was not named this, earlier we used to call it JIO Music app and it was initially introduced with this name too. But later JIO has done a tie-up with the Saavn music company and recently a few months back they have become JIO Saavn music app which is now officially available for all the JIO users in my Jio app and in the app stores too.

Jio Saavn is an amazing music app here you get a really wide range of music according to your choice and mood. It is categorized in different-different categories and playlists are also available in it. Here you get the oldest and the latest songs too with ease. Here you get huge collections of songs.  If you are new so don’t worry you just need to download the My JIO app and then download Jio Saavn and register yourself and yes you are ready to go enjoy your favorite music anytime anywhere. JIO is one of the largest service networks it has over 252 million users so Jio Saavn is also free for the JIO users.

Features of Jio Saavn Apk

Since it has collaborated with Saavn now you get more music options and a wide range of songs you just need to go the app and search there that’s it.

  • In this app, you will get an unlimited collection of songs that you can enjoy by listening according to your mood. Songs are also categorized in playlists, trending, newly released, retro’s, weekly update, Bollywood, Hollywood, workout, motivational, etc.
  • Here you get an option to choose languages according to you means you can get the music of your preferred languages when you install this app you will get this option to choose.
  • If you a radio station lover so yes JIO Saavn is the solution for you here you also get the radio stations.
  • When you listen to any song then below that you will also get the recommendation of the related songs.
  • If there is any new song or movie has released then Jio has will send you a notification about that song.
  • You can also set the Jio tune of your favorite song.
  • It is free from the ads.
  • First, you get 90 days free premium pro subscription.
  • You can also download the songs and listen to them later when you want. You can listen songs anytime anywhere.
  • Song quality is very good you always get 320 kbps song quality.
  • You can search any song in the search bar and listen to it, here you get any of the old songs and new songs easily.
  • You can also see the lyrics of the songs if you select to lyrics of the song option.

Download Aptoide Apk for Jio Saavn Apk

As we all know Aptoide is one of the best alternatives to the google play store. Google play store is not free it is chargeable for paid applications and games but if we talk about the Aptoide Apk store so it is totally free to use here you get the paid apps and  games free of cost too. We must suggest you download the Jio Saavn app from the Aptoide app store it is best.


Here we have discussed all the relevant information about the app hope you will found this article useful to you. JIO Saavn is an amazing music app when you are bored and want to listen to the music of your choice then Jio Saavn is the best option for you. Here you get a really wide range of songs from which you can choose your favorite one. It offers many attractive features to its users. It is free. It is one of the best trending music apps in the market. You must download it and try it.

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