Aptoide Apk for Line App 2019

The line is a type of free application which is used for instant communication on devices like smartphones, PC and tablets, etc. we can say that line is a type of instant messaging app. Line is initially released 8 years ago in the month of March in Japan. Line has become one of the largest networks in japan in near years of 2013.

Aptoide Apk for Line App

Aptoide Apk for Line App

The line is a very popular messaging application in many countries. Line is available for all devices like Android ios etc. mainly it was for mobile application and for android and ios users but with the timeline has expanded for other devices also. The earlier line has also be used as a website and Non-Browser app but it was not continued in the future. Line is available in 17 languages. Line users easily exchange texts, videos, images, audio, and also conduct free video conferences. The line is a very good instant app to communicate with your friends and relatives does not matter where you are sitting if you want to talk just do online chatting or call. It is a good app to connect with the world and explore your selves. You can’t use the line for windows phones but you can use it in a desktop where you can do video calls and also get some features. Line account is accessible for only one mobile or for only one computer.

As we all know today in the world of internet we all using many apps for video calling, chatting, voice messages etc so Line app is also one of them it also provides all these facilities to his users. User can easily share videos, images, and stickers, etc. you can get many features in this app which are so unique from the other apps. All have feature but some features are so unique in some app which makes that app different from others.

You can get many options like adding friends, chatting, timeline, manage calls and more.

Features of Line App

there are many features in this app which make this app unique from others like-

  1. This app is totally free to use.
  2. You can call your group members together.
  3. You can add 200 members in a group.
  4. Line supports international calling too.
  5. It provides you many filters too.
  6. In this app, you find more than 10000+ emojis.
  7. You can get the timeline features and share the post and like and comment also.
  8. You can add to your friends and relatives who are also using the line app.
  9. You can also modify some settings by going to the more option and then to settings.

Download Aptoide Apk for Line App

 Aptoide is one of the best app stores in the market. It is an amazing alternative to the google play store. Aptoide is totally free to use you can download and install any app for free.

We must prefer you all to download and install the line app from Aptoide app store because Aptoide Apk is best and free to use.


Here you got all the information about the line app here we provided you the information of the app features and all hope you will all find it so useful. Line app is one of the best apps for communicating with your friends and relatives you will get many features in this app. User can easily do video calls, voice calls, chat to your friends, share stickers and images. Line app supports international calling. You add 200 members in your group. Line app is a type of free application and is available for smartphones, PC, tablets, etc. this app is released in Japan and make his name all over the world. Become popular in all over the countries and become people choice also. Line app is available in many languages more than 17. So it is suitable for all. Line app is not available for windows phones but doesn’t worry it is available for the desktop you can use this for desktop with ease. Line app is accessible (account) for only one phone or one computer at one time. It is a very nice app to explore yourselves socially we must prefer our users to use line app once.

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