Aptoide Apk for PicsArt Apk 2019

As we all know what is PicsArt as the name indicates about this it is related something about pics and editing. Here we will explain to you all about this app in details. Picsart is a type of application which is used for editing your photos and pictures to the next level means it gives an amazing look after editing to your photo. PIcsart is great app for those people who love to take pictures and also love to share them with all socially.

Aptoide Apk for PicsArt Apk

Aptoide Apk for PicsArt Apk

Picsart offers many great filters in this app which is so suitable for every picture type. In Picsart you can make amazing pictures, collages, drawing and many more and also share them with your friends and loved ones. This app offers you limitless features and performance too. You can make a normal picture to an extraordinary picture just using awesome filters. Picsart has such a great and popular market it has 85 million + active users in a month and 350 million + installs till date and this keeps increasing. Picsart is available in more than 30 languages. Picsart is available for all platforms like android, windows and iOS mobile devices.

Picsart has many features like you can crop the picture you can change the color of the picture you can edit to them to a next level you can make collages you can write on them you can draw and many more like this. The people who just love to explore themselves and always want to share there life moments to others socially so for this type of people PicsArt is a very useful app. It gives so freely to the users. Picsart is also running in PCs above 8.1 windows.

For android devices, PicsArt was launched on August 27, 2012. It was founded by Hovhannes Avoyan and Artavazd Mehrabyan. It reaches to million of the download in the very 1st year.

Features of PicsArt Apk

For iOS devices, PicsArt was launched in January 2013.at that time it was nearly 2 million active users and 4 million registered users. In December 2013 it was made available for Windows phones. For each and every platform it has become so popular. Its headquarters is in San Francisco, California.

  1. Picsart is a very good application for editing purposes you can edit your pictures to a great quality.
  2. Picsart is helpful for those people who just want to stay connected socially and shares their life moments to friends and relatives.
  3. PicsArt gives an extraordinary look to a normal picture.
  4. You can make collages and send to your friends and loved one to tell them how beautiful is this.
  5. You can draw on the picture using PicsArt.
  6. Picsart is the best editing and sketching tool.
  7. Picsart is totally free to use.
  8. Compatible for all platforms.
  9. It offers multiple layers.
  10. It has an amazing feature called motion blur.
  11. Adjustment is also a great feature offered in Picsart.
  12. It offers many great effects to apply in your pictures.
  13. You can easily compare the original image with the editing one while editing.
  14. You can change the intensity of the effect too.
  15. You can also apply effects to a portion of the image.
  16. Picsart offers a great feature to blur the background it seems like you have used DSLR.

Download Aptoide Apk for PicsArt Apk

As we all know Aptoide is a type of free app store. Aptoide gives its users the freedom to download the paid apps and games in free too. We must suggest you all download Picsart only from the Aptoide Apk store because it is amazing it offers many cool features. It is totally free.


Here we have provided you all the relevant information about the Picsart app. Hope you will find all this information useful. Picsart is such a great app. In today’s world where maximum people want to show themselves or their life moments to others socially so for this type of people, Picsart is a very cool app. It has many effects and filters and editing options which make your pictures and videos so good and attractive. Normal looking picture has become eye-catching. Picsart is available for all platforms. It is totally free to use. It has very great interface easy to use. We must suggest you all use Picsart once and change your experience just by editing pictures in this app.

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