Aptoide Apk for Pokemon Magikarp Jump Apk

Pokemon has introduced another Game for its audience. Its name is Pokemon Magikarp jump. The name is a little bit typical to pronounce, but don’t worry here we will give all the information about this app. Pokemon Magikarp jump is a type of game in which you have to jump your Magikarp pokemon.

Aptoide Apk for Pokemon Magikarp Jump Apk

Aptoide Apk For Pokemon Magikarp Jump Apk

In this app, you don’t need to do battle or something else like the other pokemon games. In this app, you just need to jump your pokemon means your pokemon have to jump higher than the competitor. It is a new game in the Pokemon series. As we all know all the pokemon games are so famous, so this game is also very good and has many advanced features. In this game you(player) have to first catch the pokemon then after this you have to work on that pokemon means you have to train that pokemon in every filed.

You must train its jumping skills because this game is all about jumping. You must provide them with good food like berries after this. After the training, your pokemon have to face jumping competition where your pokemon will give competition to other pokemon. All this sounds so difficult but as we know it is a game obviously it is tough but it is so much interesting too. Every pokemon has its own jumping power. If your pokemon jump higher than all means he wins then you will get a ladder. With the help of this, you will collect the bonus points in this game.

When your pokemon is growing in size then you will get rewarded by many things like diamonds and coins. You will spend those coins and diamonds in purchasing items in the game. One thing is noticeable, how good you feed your pokemon he will grow that faster and big too which is so beneficial in high jumping.  Basically Magikarp is a fish pokemon so all these food items you will find in the water.

Features of Pokemon Magikarp Jump

  • In this game, the fish Pokemon Magikarp has the ability to jump.
  • In this game, players will get diamonds and coins by which you can purchase any item.
  • Players also collect bonus points.
  • Players can personally train their pokemon and test them in the competition.
  • after winning any competition players get the ladder.
  • This game is available for both platforms IOS and Android for free.

Download Aptoide Apk for Pokemon Magikarp Jump

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Here we have discussed all the relevant information of the game pokemon Magikarp jump. I hope you all will found this article useful to you.  Pokemon Magikarp jump is a video game in which you catch your pokemon than you feed your pokemon than you train your pokemon works on their jumping skills and then after you test them in a competition where they compete with other pokemon. As big as your pokemon is it will jump that much high so for this, you have to provide good food to your pokemon. The pokemon jumps higher than all wins and wins a ladder too. Along with this pokemon players will get a reward like diamonds, coins, etc which are beneficial for purchasing many items later. Players will get many bonus points too. Like all the pokemon games are attention-seeking so this game is also very interesting. You must try to play this game once. It is really excellent.

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