Aptoide Apk for Telegram Apk 2019

There are many people who use the Whatsapp but not familiar with the Telegram Apk. So don’t worry here we will tell you about the telegram app in details. Telegram is also a type of mobile and desktop messaging app just like WhatsApp. You can use Telegram for chatting with your friends and relatives. There are many features which make Telegram unique from the other alternatives apps. Telegram is much safer than other apps.

Aptoide Apk for Telegram Apk

Aptoide Apk for Telegram Apk

Telegram has provided an exact direction to instant messaging and to communicate with others also. Earlier when its competitor had limited features at that time also Telegram has provided very advanced features which make it popular to its category. Telegram is giving a strong fight to its competitor. Telegram is a type of cloud-based instant messaging service or we can also say it, messenger. Telegram gives its user a facility of doing online chats with his friends and relatives does not matter where your friends are sitting.  Telegram is one of the biggest alternatives of Whatsapp. Telegram is available for all platforms like Android, IOS, Telegram PC, etc.  it is very easy to use telegram. Telegram is much more reliable and safe and secure than another app. This is why it has marked its place on top and giving a good strong completion to all-in market.

Telegram is an instant messaging service which is based on cloud and voice over IP(internet protocol) services. Here the cloud means that all your data will be store at Telegram’s server, not on your device.  There are many other interesting features which make Telegram different from others. The telegram was launched in October 2013 for Android users and in August 2013 was launched for IOS users. In compare to IOS users Telegram is much likable by Android users.

Features of Telegram Apk

  1. Telegram offers a feature called secret chats where you can destroy your chats and you can delete them also automatically only by time setting.
  2. Telegram is encrypted with 3 layers by this its level of security has increased.
  3. You can easily set a password to your telegram.
  4. Telegram uses the protocol called MTproto protocol which used to encrypt users data.
  5. Telegram is used in multiple devices.
  6. Telegram also has a feature called cloud data storage.
  7. You can also customize your telegram. You can create your custom theme.
  8. Telegram offers you a night mode which is good for your eyes at night.
  9. You can also mute contacts and group chats.
  10. Telegram has a feature by which you can share your live location to your friends and relatives to tell them where are you.
  11. Telegram has a server called proxy server which is used to protect your data from others.
  12. Telegram allows its user to upload multiple profile photos.
  13. Its interface is also very pleasant and different from others.
  14. You can easily change photos, videos, files, document etc with your contacts.
  15. Telegram is totally free to use.

Download Aptoide Apk for Telegram Apk

As we all know telegram is one of the best instant messaging application. Telegram gives you the facility to connect with your closed one’s friends and relatives. Even if you are far from them you can easily chat with them with the help of telegram. Telegram is completely safe and secure.

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Telegram is undoubtedly an amazing application for instant messaging and to connect with your friends and close ones anywhere in the world. Telegram offers some such fantastic features which are unique from the other apps. You can create your groups which are of two types of basic group and supergroup. In basic group, you can add a maximum of 200 members in it. Whereas if we talk about the supergroup you can add 1,00,000 members in it. It is up to your personal requirement. It offers many great emojis and stickers. Overall Telegram is completely a super application for doing messaging you must try it and feel the experience.      

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