Aptoide Apk for Telegram App 2019

The telegram app was launched in 2013. It is a popular messaging app. It is set up by the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. The telegram uses the contacts of the user’s mobile phone and allows only those contacts to add on the telegram messenger which are saved in the cell phones. It is quite similar to WhatsApp.

Aptoide Apk for Telegram App

Aptoide Apk for Telegram App

File sharing, messaging is allowed to the other telegram user. The user has to register himself/herself with his/her mobile number to create the account. The telegram app provides with an option of “self-destruction” in which the messages or the media gets deleted once they are viewed by the recipient. The telegram also has the feature of “Unsend” the message within 48 hours of the time.

Features of Telegram App

The list of the features which makes it the hottest messaging app is as follows:

  1. Multiple Profile Picture:

The telegram is the only app that allows the user to set multiple profile pictures. The user can set as many photos as they want. The last updated photo is visible on the contact but the viewer can swipe to see the rest of the photos. Uploading the photo is same as setting up the Instagram story. Click on the settings then go to the camera and select the photo which the user wants to upload.

  1. Multiple Phone Numbers:

In case if the person wants to change his phone number, he just needs to go to the settings and click on “change number” and follow the instructions on the screen. The best thing about this feature is all the messages will be moved to the new number and the app will add the new number to the previous contacts. The person uses different accounts for personal and professional purposes.

  1. Secret Chats:

The other feature of the telegram app is the feature of “Secret Chats”. The user can use end to end encryption and are not recorded on the telegram servers. There are self-destructed modes on the app after a period of time. So, users, your private information is safe on the app.

  1. Night Mode:

The telegram has the feature of the night mode chats. When the app switches to the dark theme it somewhere protects our eyes from the bright screen, hence fewer chances of getting blind. There are two modes in the night mode i.e. automatic and scheduled. The user may choose according to his choice.

  1. Live Location Sharing:

The other interesting feature on the telegram app is the live location sharing. The user needs to open the chat to whom he/she wants to send the location and have to click on the attachment option and then on to the location. In this way, he/she can use this feature if he/she is stuck somewhere and needs help. The user can also set the time limit until when the location will be visible to the recipient.

  1. Mute Chats And Groups:

The user can mute the chats of personal contacts and of the groups too. If you are at some outing and do not want to get disturbed by the messages then all you need to do is to go on the chat settings and mute the chats.

  1. Telegram Bots:

In every digital communication, there are chatbots. Bots can help the user to retrieve any kind of information or to increase productivity. There are thousands of bots available on the telegram and the user can choose which one to use.

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The app doesn’t encrypt end to end communication that means your own mobile phone and the mobile of the person you are chatting with. The person has to enable the function of secret chat otherwise the chats are saved on the telegram servers. These servers are in various locations all over the world. The communication between you and the other device and the telegram servers are encrypted and the data stored in these servers are encrypted. The purpose of the developers behind saving the user’s chats and data is their recovery. The developers say that if in case the user loses the data or their phone then they can recover it from the server. The app uses MTProto, which is a paid protocol.

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