Download Aptoide for iOS/iPhone/iPad & Mac

Aptoide is a kind of app store just like Google play store and like an apple app store. It is just simply an alternative to the other app stores. User can easily download the app for free no matter it is paid or have some subscriptions. Aptoide provides the user that the app is totally free of cost.

Download Aptoide for iOS

Aptoide for iOS

   Download Aptoide for ios

Aptoide app has turned to a big competitor in the android market as well as an iOS market too. Most of the time ios users prefer to use Aptoide instead of apple app store. Users are so much curious to know whether Aptoide is suitable for their ios device or not. For those users here we will tell you that yes Aptoide is compatible with their device too and they can also download and install the paid versions of any app or games for free.

Aptoide always allows users to download and install any applications and games for free of cost. Now you are thinking what more is special in Aptoide app store we will tell you it’s the comfort level of the app the user-friendly interface that unique features and many more things which suits to users very well.

Advantages of Aptoide for iOS

Aptoide for ios has very unique UI and it is very safe and secure too. It offers a very quick installation process of any app or games. It works as all the other app stores do. Aptoide provides the latest update for most of the apps. It also tells you about the trending one and the recommendations too. Normally we prefer apple app store for our ios devices and use it to download and install anything but what is its drawback the drawback is you have to purchase so many apps for your ios device to use them and after that still many users have disappointments about the app. So keeping this thing in mind we have introduced the app named Aptoide which will stand at users expectations, which have the ability to download and install any app for free. It does not matter the app is paid or free, in Aptoide you always get the free apps.

Is Aptoide for iOS Safe?

As we all know that most of the time ios users have to suffer for downloading and installing their favorite app and games like they have to do a lot of search for it and when they find that app sometimes its version is not compatible. So for sorting all these problems, Aptoide is the best solution in the market.

Features of Aptoide for iOS

   Aptoide App

  1. you can download the premium versions of the paid app for free of cost anytime.
  2. you can download all kinds of ios games very easily.
  3. Aptoide offers the best customers support service.
  4. Aptoide has its own applications which the user can use easily.
  5. Aptoide is accessible in all countries.
  6. One of the most attractive features of Aptoide is that in Aptoide user can create his own app store and share it with his friends and family.
  7. Aptoide is easily handled because of its user interface.
  8. User need not have to worry about updating Aptoide because when its update comes it’s automatically updated.
  9. If you don’t like the updated version of any app so in this case, Aptoide offers you to go back and download the old version again in your device.
  10. Aptoide supports many languages.

Download and install Aptoide for iOS

  • Downloading and installing Aptoide is not a tough task.
  • Anyone can do it without having any deep knowledge. For downloading Aptoide firstly you just have to go to their official website because it is an unofficial app store so will not available at Google Play store.
  • Then you need a Bluestacks emulator for your ios device to run the Aptoide installer.
  • Now you are thinking from where you get the Bluestacks so it is also not a tough task you can easily download it from anywhere or by doing Google.
  • Then click on the Bluestacks link then choose ios version for your ios device. After this, with the help of Bluestacks, you can run the Aptoide Apk file which is downloaded already.
  • Then doing all this Aptoide is completed and you are ready to use app and games in your ios device.


Aptoide is a unique app in the market. It is very flexible and rich with lots of filters. When we search any app in Aptoide app store it provides us the very fast search results. It also gives you suggestions about an app like which app you have to keep in your phone or which app is useful to you. Aptoide also has a big library in which you find games apps entertainment photo editing etc. in Aptoide user can freely share the app which they are using or the paid app which are free at Aptoide but as at a market, they are paid or not available. It is a very good feature of it. You don’t need to agree for any type of permissions to download and install any app and games.

One of the most important features of Aptoide is user don’t have to follow any kind of registration process you can simply log in with your Apple id and ready to use the app and games. Aptoide is available in different types of languages which is so suitable for the people who can come from different countries. Aptoide has a very easy to handle user interface and provide satisfactory results as per customer expectation. In Aptoide user can create his own app store and share with his friends and relatives.

This app provides time to time update of app and games. It also provides the reboot option. Its installation process is the very easy user can download and install without facing any difficulty. There is no foundation in accessing Aptoide app in any country not even in China. Aptoide is one of the best alternatives for IOS devices among all the app stores. It offers the best in class services among his category of the store. Aptoide is totally safe you must try it once without any hesitation.

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