Download Aptoide for PC, Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Aptoide is a type of android market from which the user can download or visit any kind of app or game at free of cost. In Aptoide any premium version of any app or game may also be available totally free.

Download Aptoide for PC

Aptoide for PC

   Download Aptoide for PC

Aptoide is currently a tough competitor of Google play store. Aptoide is an official app store to download and install any applications and games with full security. Aptoide will not affect your PC security. It prevents your PC from malware and external threats. While from downloading any app from another app store their process are so hectic like user have to do registration process and all but in Aptoide user did not require any type of sign up process and can use Aptoide without any difficulty. User can also upload files on Aptoide app store.

User can download and install any app and games for free of cost at your PC. Aptoide is like a community-based app store where many users can upload new app and games and also create their own app stores too. Aptoide has many advantages like you can also subscribe to a particular store by doing this user can get regular notifications of the every latest applications and game.

Aptoide for PC File information:

App name Aptoide
Supported platforms Android/PC/Windows/IOS
Latest versions V9.6.0.0
Current updated version 4th Jan 2019
Required os version Windows 7/8/8.1/10
File size 26.07 MB

User can also get to know about the trending apps and games too and also get the recommendations. Aptoide is managed by a company named CM Software. Aptoide Apk is freely available for your PC to download. User can also upgrade itself to its premium version too. User can easily download Aptoide and use it without facing any type of difficulty. Aptoide offers very fast downloading and installing speed in your PC. It has very easy installation process user don’t need to have deep knowledge about it. Even a basic knowledge of computer is enough. Aptoide supports more than 40 languages.

Aptoide also has its presences to those countries where Google play store has its limited presence from eg. Iran & China. Aptoide has an automatic update of every app and games. All apps are downloaded free. Aptoide is fast and consumes less memory in your PC. Aptoide has honest reviews about it and it helps the user to decide whether to download or not. Till now Aptoide has been downloaded billions of times. Aptoide is totally safe to use and easy to operate and a good interface too.

Features of Aptoide App for PC 

   Aptoide App

  • In Aptoide user does not require any type of registration or verification process.
  • Aptoide keeps the user away from a hectic process.
  • It keeps your PC away from viruses, malware, and malicious app and provides full safety to your PC.
  • The process of installation is very easy and fast every user can perform it without any difficulty. Protect you from the extra lengthy step.
  • It offers a very good downloading speed.
  • Aptoide is accessible in all countries as well as in China where Google play store in a ban.
  • It is a good market alternative of Google play store.
  • User can get a quick update of the applications.
  • It keeps you updated with technology.
  • Currently, it is a big competitor of Google play store.

Steps to download and install Aptoide app for PC

Downloading Aptoide is not a tough task. The user just has to follow some basic steps. The downloading process is completely safe and secure. You can use without any threats. Aptoide is the best app which always updates the user with technology. Here we will discuss the downloading process of Aptoide-

  1. Firstly for downloading Aptoide on your PC you just need a browser with help of this you can open App Store in Bluestacks.
  2. Now start Bluestacks and open the browser.
  3. Now for downloading Aptoide for PC you just need to go to Aptoide’s official website.
  4. Then download the APK file of Aptoide on your PC.
  5. Now you have to do some type of settings for this just go to your PC settings and enable the “unknown sources”.
  6. Then go to the Bluestacks and open the file manager and locate the download Aptoide APK and start the installation.
  7. When your Aptoide installation is complete then open the Aptoide App store and yes you are ready to download any app and games at free of cost with full security.


Here we provide all the information about the Aptoide for PC. Hope this will be helpful to you all. Aptoide, as we know, is the best alternative of Google play store and is growing its market very rapidly everywhere even in those countries where Google play store also fails to make its presence. Its downloading and installation process is very easy. For downloading Aptoide first you have to download Bluestack or Nox app player into your PC. After downloading it you are enabled to install Aptoide. Aptoide offers many features. You can also download the premium version of any app and games. You can easily download and install any type of apps and games without paying any charge it means totally free of cost. User doesn’t need any type of verification or registration for using this.

User can create there own app store this is a very unique feature offered in Aptoide as compared to other app stores. Aptoide is compatible with most of the devices, PC’S, Laptops, Windows, etc. In today’s world where if the user has the facility to download free apps and games instead of purchasing them so why not we try it. We must try it once because if we don’t give a chance to new things we should not able to find whether it may useful for us or not. Just like Aptoide offers many good and new features to users in the same category of app stores where the others are not giving that much comfort to users. So, in my opinion, you should try Aptoide once for your PC. You will not get disappointed because it stands on every user’s expectations and has a positive response.

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