Download Aptoide Apk for Android,iOS & PC 2019

As we all know Aptoide App is one of the best alternatives of the Google play store. Aptoide is a kind of app store from which you can easily download and install the paid versions of any applications and games for free of cost.

Download Aptoide Apk

Download Aptoide

   Download Aptoide Apk

Aptoide is completely safe and secure. User need not purchase any app or game. The main purpose of developing Aptoide is that every user can get the app he or she wants to use does not matter it is paid because in Aptoide app store every user can download and install any app and game for free. Aptoide offers a lot of unique features which make Aptoide unique from the other app stores. Aptoide has marked this place to such a good level and gain a lot of customers in the market. It is a good competitor to all other app stores. As we know that when the market is crowded with the Google play store for android or the apple app store for the IOS customers so in that case, it’s a big thing to stand apart from all of them and gain an equal number of customers in the market like the other app stores.

Aptoide does not require any type of verification or registration process. Aptoide provides safety to your device prevents from viruses and malware because the app you download from this is safe, verified, trusted and protected. They do not harm your device at all. User can easily upload files in it. Every time when new updates come of any app user will get the immediate notification.

Download Aptoide App for Android

   Aptoide App

Aptoide is an open-source software which is available for all android operating system. It is a good alternative to the google play store. You can easily download any apps from Aptoide. It supports all versions of android and android users have the facility that they can go back to the previous version of any app and reinstall it if they didn’t like the updated one this is the special feature of Aptoide.

Aptoide App File information:

Developer Aptoide
Written Java
Os family Android market place
Source model Open-source software
Initial release 17 Nov 2009
Available in Multilingual
Official website

Download Aptoide for iOS

   Download Aptoide for iOS

Here we will provide you a downloading process for IOS devices.

Firstly go the browser and search for Aptoide and after the search results check the link for downloading Aptoide. Make sure you will choose the official website of it. So you can download the real version of Aptoide in your iOS device. After doing this all just click to download button and start the download process. Then your app will be in process for downloading.

After downloading the app simply just click on the install button but make sure you remember at which folder your app is downloaded then install it. Then simply add it to your home screen. By following this simple process you can easily download and install the Aptoide app in your IOS device.

Download Aptoide for PC

   Download Aptoide for PC

For downloading Aptoide in your PC you need a browser. This is for you can open the app in Bluestacks. Bluestacks is a type of emulator which helps in opening the app. Now start the Bluestacks and open the browser make sure you downloaded Bluestacks before. Start the Bluestacks and open the browser. Then for downloading Aptoide, we need to go to their official website. After reaching their just click to the download button. Now your download is in process. When the download is done go the  PC’s setting>security>enable “unknown sources”. Now go the Bluestacks file manager and see where the Aptoide is downloaded and just simply click it and start the installation. When the installation is done Aptoide is ready to use your PC is ready to download and install any type of app and game.

Features of Aptoide App

  • You can easily download the premium versions of the paid app for free.
  • Aptoide has a user interface which is so easy to handle.
  • Aptoide supports different type of languages.
  • You can create your own app store in Aptoide.
  • Aptoide offers very fast downloading and installation process.
  • If you are an iPhone user you don’t need to register you can simply use or log in with your apple id.
  • Aptoide offers such great filters options by this you can get the accurate results.
  • User has the ability to share all there apps and games to all social sites.
  • Aptoide is a tough competitor to the google play store.
  • Aptoide is easy to use.
  • It is written in java.
  • Aptoide is compatible with all devices.
  • Aptoide offers such a wide range of new applications and games.
  • Apps downloaded from Aptoide are safe, trusted, protected and verified.
  • The user always gets a quick notification for the app update.
  • You can create a private store if you are using a beta version of Aptoide.


Aptoide is a better alternative of the Google Play store having lots of advanced features, which keeps satisfied to users and are suitable for every device like Android, iOS, PC, etc. Aptoide offers a great feature that user can create their own app store. Apart from this Aptoide have some more attractive and innovative features like the timeline and the share and spot feature by which you can share the apps with your friends and relatives without using the internet. Aptoide’s interface is very easy and totally free of cost you can easily download any app and game for free which you have to buy on another app store.

You don’t need to pay money or don’t need to Google for downloading Apk files. You can download it by following their instructions for Android as well as IOS devices and for your PC’S and Tablets. While downloading apps from Aptoide users don’t have to worry about safety issues because it is completely safe from external threats. In short, Aptoide is a very good alternative to another app store. Aptoide offers very unique features which make Aptoide unique from another app store. In a very short period of time, Aptoide has gained its position to top in the market. Stands equally and giving tough completion to another app store so in our opinion you must use it once in our device and feel the new and better experience of using the desired apps and games which you want.

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