Knock Down Apk V4.0.1

Knockdown is a video game into which players have to shoot the boxes which are presented into the game. For shooting these boxes players have to aim them with the Angry Birds. Players have to knock down all the boxes presented into the game. Players perform slingshots with the angry birds. This game has 36 levels into it. Into this game, the difficulty level will increase by level to level. When a player reaches the higher level they face more difficulties.

Knock Down Apk V4.0.1

Apk Down Knock

This game needs the android version of 9.0 and above. Into this game, all things are controlled by physics. To shoot the boxes players need to measure the proper angle, time and have to measure force after this they are able to properly knock down the boxes.

This game is called a physics game, because players have to know perfectly about distance, force, etc. When a player shoots the boxes they have to calculate all this force-distance etc into their mind for the better shooting results. In this game, players can also challenge their friends. This game has got more than 50 Million Downloads. The boxes into the game are floating boxes and players have to shoot the floating boxes.

Players have to use some logic also to play this game. This game is a very user-friendly game it is very easy to understand, operate and control. This game has got so many positive ratings from the players. If a player has a perfect knowledge of physics then they can easily play this game.

Features of Knock Down Apk

  • This game has 36 levels into it.
  • It is a user-friendly game, easy to operate and understand by the users.
  • The feature of zoom is also available by which players can easily take a closer look at the game.
  • This game is also called a physics game.
  • Players can also challenge their friends at any time for this game.

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Here is the summary about the knockdown game. From this conclusion, you will easily get to know about this game. We are providing you a short description of the knockdown game, which is very popular between the players. Knockdown is a video game. In this game, players have to knock down the floating boxes by shooting them with the angry bird. Into this game, there are 36 levels and each level is difficult from each other. To play the higher levels players have first passed the lower levels.

Into this game zooming option is also available by this option when users get difficulties in the game or they are not able to see anything properly they can use this zoom option. This game is a physics game into this player’s need to have the knowledge of force,  distance, etc to shoot the boxes perfectly. Thus the game is a very popular video game and players love to play this game.  If a player has a perfect knowledge of physics then they can play this game very easily.

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